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Recording a step chase in memories

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Hey , been using zero 88 and just updated to the latest software. Liking the new possibilities of the sub master faders but I am struggling to create a step chase in the normal memories cue stack . It essential to a lot of the work I do. Is this a feature that has removed or has it a new way of being recorded.


Urgent help neeeded or I will possibly have to downgrade for next gig

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In version 7.9.2 of ZerOS Chases are now no longer programmed in a cue of a Cue stack, but instead need to be programmed as their own individual Playback (each step of the chase being an individual cue).


Therefore in an empty Playback program each cue as each step of your chase. Then Hold SETUP + your Chase Playback -> Chase -> Turn into Chase. Your Playback will now act as a chase, and you have the option to configure your chase in this window such as setup its speed etc.


In your main Cue Stack program your cue in which you want your chase to be triggered, by setting up your base state for the chase to play over the top of. Then move over to the Cue Settings field and press ENTER. Then click Macros... -> Trigger Cue Stacks Add -> Press the flash button of your Chase Playback. Then click enter.

Then in the lighting cue you want your chase to stop in, go into the Cue Settings section again, and this time under Macros... press Release Cue Stacks Add and press the flash button of your chase.


Your chase will then play when you go into your trigger cue in your main stack.


Hope this helps


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