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Accessing <Beat> mode - Jester Zero 88 - 24/48

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Hi all,


I'm currently programming for a live DJ event I have coming up. I've programmed the board full of chases on sub masters and am looking to 'sync' the chase steps to the beat.


I've tried the audio input mode, however, it seems somewhat unreliable from my testing and have therefore concluded that a manual beat setting would be ideal.


I've read through the user manual and it looks like this may be able to be achieved using the "<Beat>" flash mode to advance the chase accordingly set to a beat that the operator is able to control by clicking the "Insert" buttom in time to a beat.


The issue is that I physically cannot find a way to enter <beat> mode on the flash/preset mode screen. Am I missing something? Any help would be massively appreciated.


Thanks in advance


USER MANUAL QUOTE FOR REFERENCE: "Sometimes it is desirable to set a chase to match the beat of music. To do this, firstly you need to set the Flash Mode to . Once this is done, press the INSERT button twice (once on each down-beat of the music) to override the speed of the chase running on the memory stack."

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To access beat mode, make sure you are in RUN mode. Once in this mode press RIGHT arrow key to move to the flash mode field. Then toggle with the UP/DOWN arrows to get to the beat setting.


You can then use the Flash button under your programmed Submaster as a tap tempo for your chase. The INSERT button is to control the Tap Tempo of a Chase programmed in the Memory Stack



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