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Phantom Zeros Keyboard Shortcuts

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I'm currently recreating one of my venues show files using the new version of Zeros as the old file had some bugs in. I'm planning to get the show file ready to go before I update the desk (FLX)


I've figured out a few handy keyboard shortcuts, mainly > is Thru, but was wondering if there is a list somewhere that includes all the shortcuts you might need. ie record, clear, name etc




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Hi Matt,


There's not a list no... however we have requests logged to expand our support for keyboard shortcuts, so this might be a good thread for people to request what they think we should include!


One useful shortcut - SHIFT + F10 opens SETUP

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i think it would be useful to have shortcuts for anything that you might use in programming, e.g. Record, Clear, Update, Name, Delete Copy, Group. Might also be worth having shortcuts for Colour, Beam, Shape, Position, Effect, Home and View.


Some of those buttons have already got obvious shortcuts, e.g. Home and Delete.


Would the keyboard shortcuts be available on the full version of zeros?




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Hi guys,

I'm trying to prepare my desk as much as possible before heading into the venue / or being front of the real desk.

Is there a method on Phantom ZerOS to get into Playback settings, usually I would hold 'Setup' and press the playback if I was in front of the physical desk, but I can't work out if this is possible on Phantom?

Also if trying to use any 'shifted' functions is also an issue. Pressing the shift key on my keyboard doesn't seem to interact with Phantom. Am I missing something obvious here? I have double checked to make sure Phantom is my 'active' window.



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Hi Alex,

For a list of keyboard shortcuts, see below...


You should find the SHIFT key on your laptop works on PhantomZerOS. If it isn’t trying closing and opening the Monitor 1 window. 

By default playback settings can be opened by simply clicking the on-screen fader in the MFF window. However if you right click on the SETUP button on the front panel, this will keep the button pressed, allowing you to then click the playback button. Right click SETUP again to release. 

Hope this helps,


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