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Flash button troubles

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Dear zero88 team,


at first I would like to thank you for the many new features and functions that came with version 7.9.2. They are very helpful and make the desk much more flexible.

But I recognized some problems when defining flash buttons of playbacks as Go buttons on ORB XF:

  • If a cue stack is triggered by the Go button, it reacts on button release, which is a bit..."uncomfortable"...when e.g. performing a live show and you want your lights to stick to the beat.
  • If one Go button is held and another one is pushed, that one reacts on button press, as I was used to in older software versions. There must something have gone wrong while programming the software...
  • Less important than the issues before, but still not working correctly: If I set a button to "Go (Snap)" in normal mode and "Go (Fade)" in shifted mode, it always snaps no matter if I hold shift or not. I haven't tried all other combinations, but at least the other way around ("Go (Fade)/Go (Snap)") and "Flash/Solo" are working correctly.

I'm just thinking of permanently holding down the Go button of an empty playback (or one where nothing visible is programmed) to fix the problem temporarily and making the buttons work like in former times and as a result overriding a software bug by hardware...not great, but at least it helps ;-)

Nevertheless, I hope that it's possible to fix that for the next update.


Best regards


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