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Programming snowfall

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Hi there,


in a few weeks I'll be touring with a show around the Netherlands. I've got everything sorted out fine, but I'm stumbeling on a programming issue I can't solve.

The show contains 10 Martin 518, 4 MAC Kryptons and 4 250 washes. In one of the scenes there's supposed to be a snowfall. I want to do that with a gobo projection which "falls down from the sky".

The problem: a continuous snowfall would require the fixtures to go down and up again. Since snowflakes travelling upwards are kinda fake I'd like the fixtures to dim when they move upwards.

Ok: create a chase with on downwards movement, and one upwards... no problem; but when I'd want to do that with 18 fixtures, it'll certainly be a mess (since it's no option programming the same movement; that would suck)!

So how would you create such an effect. 100% on the way down, 0% on the way up; and all fixtures following a different pattern (that could be done by the offset of course). I'm stuck!

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Hi all,

I presume you are talking about running some breakup or dot pattern gobos down your backdrop or cyc to simulate the snow falling. To achieve a continuous effect will be pretty hard but if you were to write a chase with the first step using half the fixtures at the top of the backdrop or above at 100% brightness. Step 2 move these to the bottom of backdrop. Step 3 set these fixtures to 0% brightness and the other half of your fixtures to 100% brightness at the top or above the backdrop. Step 4 move these lamps to the bottom of the backdrop and the the 0% ones back to the top and just continue this cycle for a few steps possibably setting the attack modifier to "soft on / hard off". You will have to experiment with this for awhile to get close to the effect you are looking for.

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Hi Ice,

probably an idea which is of help.


Try out a breakup gobo and project upwards onto a rotating mirror-tube.

a little haze on stage an it should be snow there. :wink:







P.S.:An more expansive way is to by a GAM FX with an "SnowFilm"

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