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ZerOS 7.9.2 Minor Issues - Solution

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Just been playing around and testing new ZerOS 7.9.2. using PhantomZerOS, prior rolling out to my Solution.


It all seems quite stable so far, apart from a number of small niggles (perhaps inevitable with a major update such as this!). Again, just using PhantomZerOS at the moment, not tested yet on desk.


Here is a list of the minor stuff found:

  1. Name button does not work with Macros; there does not appear to be any way to rename Macro palette items
  2. To be consistent with other buttons (RECORD, DELETE, LOAD), I would expect the MFK number keypad should appear when NAME is clicked.
  3. MFK number keypad DOES appear when LOAD is clicked, but disappears after first keypress! SPECIAL PAGE 2 can be used or separate keyboard as a workaround.
  4. Feature request: RECORD and UPDATE options screen could do with OK and Cancel buttons (or similar) to save moving from screen to desk. Maybe indicate cue to be recorded within button text e.g. RECORD NEW if no number entered, RECORD <X> if a cue number X is keyed
  5. In cue settings, there seems to be undocumented "CLEANUP" options (note this is same as FLX). Is this future feature expansion - looks for all the world like multipart cue and/or complex fade times....!
  6. Not possible to set Chase Time to zero BPM; manual implies that this allows fade times to be used as Chase timings, but currently 1 BPM is smallest time allowed.
  7. Chase options in playback settings do not appear to be 'live', so when settings are changed they can only be viewed by Okaying the screen. Is it possible for changes to be live as they were in older ZerOS versions (on the Solution)
  8. The "Programme Time" Fader function does not appear to change the programme time.

All in all pleased to have new playbacks features and improved colour picker.


EDIT: added "programme time" fader issue

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