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zerOS WING, wide mode

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Hi, let me ask a question about the wing for FLX. I've got a wing expecting it will provide me with 1 - 48 faders in page 1, 49 - 96 faders in page 2 and so forth. I can't figure out how to set the wing to function in such way. I would like to know if I can control 48 faders at a time when paging up/ down with this wing.


Best regards

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The ZerOS wing has 24 faders and is paged independently to the main console. Therefore to obtain 1-48 across all faders the wing would have to be on page 1, with the console on page 2. For 49-96 the wing would be on page 3, with the main console on page 4 and so on.


This means you can't use one set of page up/down buttons to control all fader pages.



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You can record Macros for this sort of thing.



Choose "Keys"

Press PAGE UP on both wings twice

Press MACRO to finish recording the macro.


Now do the same for PAGE DOWN.


You can trigger this by taping the Macro in the Macro Window or by typing Macro 1 Enter.


You can also put these onto two of the UDKs so they become "Global Page" buttons - just type MACRO 1 RECORD {UDK}

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Hello Jon,


Thanks for very useful advice.

I have to apologize being impolite not replying to you.

I didn't realise your answer as I haven't signed in this forum for a long time.


I have never studied Macros, so this is a good opportunity to know how to use


Thanks a lot.

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