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De - select all button for the future

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When working with 3 pages of fixtures and programming under pressure it is not uncommon for a fixture to be left selected, or when needing to change the fixture selection, it would be great to have a 'deselect all'button. I was wondering if this could be engineered in a software update because it would have to use an existing button. (Or something on a keyboard?)


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Er no it doesn't. Sorry to be so long in replying but I haven't been near the desk for a while. What I want to be able to do is release all selected fixtures in one go. Pressing the clear button has no effect on selected fixtures as far as I can see. Maybe I am missing something.



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Hi Terry,


I believe Jon's instruction is for the ZerOS rage of consoles.

This feature is not currently there, however skipping through your active fixture pages and pressing and holding the first MFK of each page and pressing the last is the quickest way to select/ deselect all.



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Apologies, yes - I replied via my phone where it's not so obvious to see which forum you posted in. With the relatively small number of fixtures available, this isn't a feature available in the Jester software. We'll certainly make a log of the request, but we haven't done feature development on the Jester software for several years - only bug fixes and sustain projects.

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I don't have a Jester-ML (so I can't verify); here is my question :

selection of a single fixture is done by pressing a MFK

multiple selection of a range of fixtures is done by pressing multiples MFKs one after another (= addition), or pressing the first and the last MFK of the given range


with other consoles (example ETC) a double-click on a given MFK select this given fixture but deselects also all the others...

is this also that way it works on Jester-ML consoles ???

in the case of "yes"; the "deselect-all" function would be :

double-click on a "not selected" MFK (it turns "selected"); then hit it once again and your done....all fixtures will be "deselected"

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Stupid Question,

Jon is it not possible to add a quick thing in Jester Software where pressing clear a few times (say twice) deselects everything?


I'm going to say though I haven't been near the ML for a while so I don't remember what that does (if anything) currently.

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It's not a stupid question, but we shouldn't underestimate the work involved in writing the specification, developing the software and then extensively testing it on all 5 variants of the Jester range.

Yeah fair enough, it's me using Ma too much :)

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