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Fixture editor: Auto create palettes

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We've just bought an FLX after previously hiring, and also four Stairville RGB 8 240's - which have a fixture profile in GFT 32


The DMX channels are all correct, but there's no auto colour palettes in the profile; when you do 'Auto create palettes' it doesn't populate any of them.


Are the auto palettes identified in the fixture editor (2.6) such that I can update the profile fixture?


I started manually setting and updating the palettes on the desk but then when I hit (semi-intentionally) it removed my updates to the palettes and I had to start again - no small job when in 24ch mode cos there's Red1 thru Red8, Green1 thru Green8 and Blue1 thru Blue8!



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Hi Peter,

ZerOS is only really designed for one set of RGB colour mixing per fixture. This means that for each RGB fixture you have, you need to patch under Generic Fixtures, an RGB LED unit if as in this case you want to have colour mixing/ palettes available to you. Therefore in your case if you have a fixture with 8 different sections requiring RGB control, you'll need to patch a separate RGB fixture for each, so in your case 8 RGB units patched one after the other to give you the full control. You can then create a group of all of these "sub-fixtures" selected to give you the ability to just have one Control for RGB for the whole fixture.

Hope that makes sense.


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Out of interest Jon, what's the Zero 88 companies dictionary definition of "soon"? It gets used a LOT, like the Shape feature will be implemented "soon", the fixture library will be changed "soon", a user manual will be coming "soon"... Lot's of stuff has been coming "soon" for a least two years now. I spoke to you at ABTT last year and it was coming "really soon", well now it's almost ABTT again, and we're still waiting....

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