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I've finished the show and I want to reset the desk back to a fresh state ready for setup of the next. I want to remove the current show and everything that is specific to this show.


I can use Clear All - but that leaves the patch in place for all dimmers and fixtures, including their modified names.


I can use Reset Desk - this removes the patch but also removes my additional fixture definitions, so I need to reload them from USB (ok, a simple job).


Factory Reset - what does this do in addition to Reset Desk? The manual doesn't clarify this.




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We should possibly revisit the options in this window.


"Factory Reset" is designed for hire companies in between jobs. On FLX, there probably isn't any difference, but on some ZerOS consoles this resets the options when you first turn on the console (would you like to run in tracking etc). It's there as we're working to get all the options standard across the range... but this is an irregularly admittedly.

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I reset my FLX to factory after my last show by updating to 7.9.2! But yes I now have to reload my fixtures.


Related to this: When I load my old showfile after the update or reset, are fixture profiles used in my show (not part of the standard library) restored with it or is it necessary to do this manually before loading the old show?

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Hi Kevin,


It's a difficult one - in some situations customers may class patch, palettes, UDKs and playbacks all as showdata. However in other situations we may only class the playbacks as showdata.


We do have various Gemini issues related to cleaning up the Clear Options screen to make it easier and quicker.

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Factory Reset - sure, makes sense. Definately needed.


Reset Desk - This is the one I'll probably use most and restore my fixtures each time.


Clear All - Not sure I see why this is useful, but I guess it's just a "gimme" as it does all of the buttons above it "Clear Memories, Clear UDKs, Clear Macros".


...just to let you know there are plenty of us owner-users out here not just Hire companies and school children :D

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