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new Zero Apps (Remote and Monitor)

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the new apps now work fine as far as I can see

we have the CommandLine window as a Menu-Item which is fantastic !! thanks a lot !!! :))


just a little question

the wheels don't appear (no image); but this is not a problem at all... I even prefer the empty screen (as it is) as long as the finger- movement does the job and that works fine !!

I am just wondering (and did not find) how to change "wheel-pages" (with more than 3 parameters for a given attribute)? sliding seems not work..


in the colour window; as someone else told before: the white colour is labelled "black"


in the playback-window (in the app)

the Flash-button lits blue when activated; the fader position is a small bar (not always clearly visible) would it be very difficult for the developer-team to fill the space below the fader-position (or the fader position itself) with a lighter colour ? maybe blue ?

that would be marvellous with an instant view of each fader position !!


thanks and friendly greetings

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the new Command-Line function in the Remote App is very very useful (much more easier now for testing and highlighting fixtures and channels, dimmers etc etc)

I have just one question what would be the Syntaxe (or things to do) to record a lighting state (Cue) into a playback other than playback-0...

I couldn't find that yet....

thanks !

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