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Issue with "select stack" on OrbXF with 7.9.1

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Hi there,


I was not yet able to validate on desk actually, but at least on Phantom I realized following issue:

It seams that it is not longer posibel to select a stack (I know there are no stacks anymore but playbacks) with "select stack" and then pressing the button below a playback fader.

The only way I was able to select a stack is pressing

"Select stack" ; <stacknumer> ; enter


For busking a live Show, in my eyes this is way to complex, slow and error-prone.


Mostly I need this for overwriting stack (-speed)

Is there something I missed?

Or does someone know a faster way to idividually overwrite Speeds in a busking-way?


Thanks in advance and best regards


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maybe you should try on your console...

in my case and with the Solution Desk the function that you related stills works as it should (and with the latest "public Beta OS" )

on Solution desk the combination is MEMORY button + the Flash button of the desired Playback


(but maybe Orb is completely different... I don't know !!!)

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