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SX Button on LF96?

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I do much party jobs with a leap frog 96. But most the time I have not enough submasters for parallel use, because I programm gobos, color chases and movents on seperate submasters. For that SX Buttons would be very very nice. Are SX (Soft Submasters on Screen) Buttons available on latest Software Update? And if not, do you have an idea how i could archieve this in an other way?

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Hi kyromoto,


In the next software update, there are a few options available to you...


1) Submasters are being replaced with playbacks, allowing multiple cues on each fader - which may help reduce the number of faders you require


2) You can set the DMX in to control any of the Playbacks. If you have spare channel faders you're not using, you can patch them to a separate universe, use a short DMX cable to connect that DMX Universe to the DMX Input, and you get the equivalent of additional playbacks


3) We support ZerOS Wing which plugs in over USB

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