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Fat Frog Generic channels won't go beyond 80%

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Hi all.


I am an inexperienced operator on the fat frog. I am having a problem with the generics not going to 100%. They only go to 80-81% and as I move the fader up it doesn't fade up smoothly- goes to 1%, 2%, 3% then up to 80%.

The only way I can get channel 1 to reach 100% is to also bring up channel 13 to 10. Somehow channels 1 &13, 2&14,3&15 etc, etc seem to be linked.


Any help with this would be great!!


Also wondering what software updates I can still get, along with any fixture updates.


I have included a couple photos for reference







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This sounds like you have dirt in the channel sliders. I had this problem once with an old frog (from what i remember the faders are linked so if one is giving dodgy resistance values then it can have a knock on effect) i opened mine up and gave it a good clean i also had to replace some of the bad faders, it all worked again after that. Although i dont recommend you do this yourself if you are not comfortable with electronics. Maybe take it to a zero88 distrabuter for a service.

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Thanks for the reply!!

I had wondered this also but don't believe that this is the problem. It remains consistent across all of the faders. Also it happened suddenly, rather than over time


It seems as though some setting has been created to reduce the triggering of the faders to a lower value.


I have searched the manual to no avail, but this could be my inexperience with the console..



Hers another photo of the percentage


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Hi Doug


The latest software is version 10.12 (April 2009), and the latest fixture library (to be used with Common Fixture Manger software) is version 32.

I haven't come across this problem before. Maybe worth giving the faders a good clean with switch cleaner and an air duster as previously suggested, and also doing a console reset in SuperUser.


If this doesn't work, there will most likely be a hardware problem with the fader circuit boards. It is very interesting this has happened as you describe almost suddenly.


Keep us updated!


Kind regards


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Thanks Edward


I am going to give the faders a good cleaning- blow them out with air then use some spray.


Do you have any recommended spray for the faders?


I will also do the updates- thanks for the info on that as well!!


I will report back with an update.





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Hi guys,


Problem is now fixed!!


Here is the solution:


Inside the console on the circuit board behind the faders are 2- banks of 3 dip switches. 1 of the dip switches on the bank of faders 13-24 was set incorrectly- must have been bumped when I had the console apart to reattach one of the leads that came undone on one of the fixture wheels.


Kevin- yes every fader was responding the same way.


Thanks for everyone's input on this topic!!



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Ah the dipswitches mixed with an "oh yes.... I had been having a little firtle under the hood..." :lol:


Those dipswitches are used to tell the processor information about the fader panels - the larger consoles in the Frog range (Leap Frog, Bull Frog) have more faders and the CPU needs know which is which. It looks like you had two fader panels with the same ID which confused the interpretation of the fader position which is why you had 'n' vs 'n+12' channel issues.


Glad your problem is solved now!


Good luck,


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