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Strange FLX behaviour

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I was programming our FLX this afternoon (using the master playback stack to record a show) when it appeared to partially lock-up. The page up/page down buttons on the multi-function faders started to work only occasionally, and the "clear" and "setup" buttons stopped working. There may have been other functions that didn't work but I didn't try everything, and just switched the power off and back on again and everything came back to normal. Firmware is 7.9.1.


I did disconnect the external keyboard but that didn't appear to make any difference. We also had an external touchscreen connected.


I'm hoping this is a one-off glitch but is there anything else I could try if it happens again?



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The desk did something similar today, this time running the show from playback 0 for a rehearsal. About 3/4 of the way through the up/down arrow keys (which I was using to move up and down the stack) started to work in only about 1 in 5 keypresses. Also the "clear" key LED was lit (as I'd made some manual changes) but pressing the "clear" key didn't make the LED go out or clear the changes. A power off and on restored normal operation again, so presumably this is some form of hardware intermittency?


Rehearsals continue all week with the show starting on Thursday so the timing isn't ideal (is it ever!?) and any advice would be welcome, please.



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