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using playbacks as submasters

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trying to get my head around the flx and not succeeding!


I want to be able to record a scene onto one playback and a different scene onto another and be able to crossfade between them.


Once I have recorded the scenes raising the fader does nothing until I press the button under it and it then snaps to the state. When I drop the fader it doesn't release the cue and so the colours are captured. The next fader does the same thing except it has no effect on the colours until I release the first playback and then that won't work.


Can you tell me what might be wrong as this has to be possible otherwise the desk is a bit useless to a lot of our companies.

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Sounds like the Playback setup, although it's surprising the default behaviour is not like a sub!


Can't remember exactly (will check the manual in a mo) but might be Setup+Button.






Yes it's Setup+Button.


p23 General tab, select Fader Function=HTP Master (should be the default!)

p25 Raise/Lower Tab, Trigger on Raise=Enabled, Release on Lower=Enabled (should be the default!)


Trigger/Release level should be OK at 5% and Raise/Lower time should be 0 to follow the fader.


Back on the General tab, under Fader Controls... you could enable Colour if you want the fader to cross fade the colour as well as the intensity.


Also on General, maybe Button Function needs to be Flash (and not e.g. Go)


Please let us know what works!




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Hi Kevin,


All working thank you. Even sorted my chases not triggering. I can only assume the raise lower were disabled as I had imported the show from a solution.


Cheers, Simon

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