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Cross fade chase

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So this seems like a fairly basic question, but I can't figure it out... How do I make a chase that cross fades between colours? I have my generic 5 colour wash in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink using parcans. So the steps I follow are:


Red @@

{RECORD} to playback 1

Red @ {ENTER}


Blue @@

{RECORD} to playback 1

Create a chase

Blue @ {ENTER}


Green @@

{RECORD} to playback 1

Green @ {ENTER}




Now I have a basic 5 step chase that snaps from Red to Blue to Green to Amber to Pink and back to Red. I can speed it up and slow it down, but that just leaves the Red on for longer, SNAP Blue............. SNAP Green............ SNAP Amber. If I speed it up I get SNAP Red.. SNAP Blue.. SNAP Green etc...


I can change the attributed of the chase to Ramp Up which fades up Red, SNAP out, fade up Blue SNAP out etc... or I can ramp down which is SNAP Red, fade out, SNAP Blue, fade out.


How can I ramp up AND down?


Is there a way to overlap the cross fade so it fades up red, and then fades up Blue as it fades down Red so I don't have a dip to black between each step?

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You need to change the "Attribute fade percentages".


Go into the Playback's Setup. In here you'll see that Intensity is set to 0%. Therefore, there is no fade. If you click "Intensity" and change it to 100% this will then do what you need it to do. (If these were LED Par Cans, you'd change the colour attribute rather than the Intensity one).

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I'd just like to add, having had this desk since its launch, this is still the one thing that catches me out and I keep forgetting! It just doesn't seem logical to me, and I'll probably still be coming back to the forum next year to remind myself how I do this! :-)

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