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FLX fixture patching

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I have a brand new FLX desk which is a thing of beauty. All the fixtures are patched and working with the exception of three rather ancient Pulsar Chroma Bars. Although they are in the library as a six channel fixture I simply can't get them to work. I've also tried patching them in as a generic LED fixture but to no avail. All I need is individual control of RGB across the three units. These Chroma Bars have 12 DMX dipswitches. The solution, I suspect, will be simple!!!



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Do the Chroma Bars have more than one mode? Are you using the right mode? Is the start address the same on both the chroma bar and flx? Try setting it to address 1 to see if it works. Are you plugged into the correct universe? If you can upload, or get a link to the correct manual i can check the fixture libary to ensure it is programmed right for your model/version. Sometimes the fixture library doesn't have all changes when manufacturers update a fuxture.

Also swap out you dmx cable for a different one so you can rule out falty cables.

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