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Zero88 Desk-Screen Font Choice

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I think this is a question for John and the Zero88 team but...


Has anyone else besides me ever wanted a different font that is displayed on the screen we can attach to our zero88 desks?


I have used the frog desks and I am currently using a Jester.


The font that is displayed is similar to Times Roman, and it would be really good (especially for us lot whose eyesight is not that great) to have a more modular font with no fancy pieces around the letter.


The Ubuntu common font is a good all-rounder, or perhaps Arial or something similar (or even a few choices).


...any ideas anyone?








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Hi pj,

there are three (relevant) categories of fonts: serif, sans-serif and monospace.


The jester uses a monospace font with serifs... ;) Monospaced means, that every char has the same with (space). In some situations this is what you want or maybe the software is not capable of using multi-spaced fonts. Additionally, the Ubuntu or other sans-serif fonts need a large resolution to look good, so it's not fitting with the jesters specs.


That's what I'm thinking about it, at last Jon (zero88) can give a categorical answer.

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I agree, Monospaced fonts are ideal for this situation.

There are a few different monospaced fonts that could work.

Perhaps one with no fancy topping and tailling of the letters.

Maybe something like Andale Mono - this is very popular.



or maybe Letter Gothic




Kind Regards

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Thanks for the comments!


We use monospaced fonts for various reasons. The main one is so intensities don't "jump" / "shake" all over the place when running a fade.


There's another issue here that's not been covered... which is licensing and distribution. Unfortunately we can't just choose any font and start shipping it :(

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