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Here is a strange one. I want to operate a I. R. Remote operated projection screen at the back of a hall by my Jester 48 lighting desk. I reckon I need a dmx operated learn able I. R. Remote control but before I reinvent the wheel has anyone done this or bought / made one? Thanx

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I dont know if you can buy something like you describe, I have seen DMX relays that you may be able to hard wire to the screen (providing you know what your doing to keep it all safe)


or if you are comfortable working with electronics and programming basic code i would use an auduino micro controller to accept DMX512 and them translate that into IR using one of the PWM pins and an IR led.


I made a very similar controller a while ago, it was to control a laptop in order to play back video and sound (Zero 88 desks do not support midi out yet), All i did was program an Auduino to accept a standard DMX521 (RS-485 in computer speak) and then send out a keyboard command to the laptop, it worked a treat and was very cost effective.


Although i would say if you are going down the path of making something make sure you know exactly what you are doing or it could work out very costly.

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Hi again - I have now had chance to soak up what you have said. Mmmm interesting - yes I have messed around with arduinos (and rasp-pi's and now nodemcu's) and love doing that. I think the point about setting up a dmx controller onto the wired switch is a good one. I have several wireless dmx receivers and have used them a lot and they are really good and helpful (to us lighting folk) and I think that would be the better option.

Thanx Derek


Kind Regards




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