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Irritating background refresh issue with front panel

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Although its not a permanent fix, the following might help you as a temporary workaround. :)


After minimising the 'Front Panel', and later restoring it:-

Switch over to the 'Phantom Frog' window,

Un-Tick the Check Box next to "Show Front Panel",

and then Re-Tick it.


The 'Front Panel' Window should blip, and re-appear refreshed and raring to go. :wink:


I hope that helps.


I generally find myself using this method to hide the 'Front Panel' instead of minimising it, as it kills two birds with one stone. :D


NB: No birds were harmed in the making of this post.

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Another solution for this problem is as the following:


[*] Click on "show your desktop" - this will shut every open window.


[*] now click on inactive PhantomFrog task - this will re-open the window.


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Phantom Frog seems 10.0 seems to still have that irritating problem of the windows not refreshing properly if they are placed slightly over one another (as mentioned on previous occasions). This results in a bit of the desk getting stuck on the monitor window etc. Is there no way of rectifying this :? ?



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