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Overwrite colours?

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I am setting up some Kam Powerbars to provide back drop colour washes.

Powerbars are 4 flat par can units, each par can containing RGB LED's . The fixture profile (a modified Parbar profile) contains 12 colour parameters (4 x red 4 X green 4 x blue) each assigned to a wheel on the FLX therefore to record the various colour washes it requires 12 wheel adjustments for each wash.


I thought I might be able to speed this up by recording some colour palettes. I set the 4 flat par cans to full Red pressed "record" and then "c2 Red" on the Palettes touch screen.A warning dialog box then popped up to say the palette was already programed did I want to overwrite it.


What would happen to other fixtures that used "c2Red" Palette button to set them to display Red if I overwrote this?

or probably a better question is how can I speed up the programing?





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The way that I would be tempted to use the bars would be to treat them as 4 separate fixtures (not the cleanest way but I think the best for selecting colours) so

fixture one - would control the first 6 channels (function,dimmer,strobe and RGB for par 1)

fixture two - would control the RGB of par 2 (channels 7,8,9)

Fixture three - would control the RGB of par 3 (channels 10,11,12)

Fixture four _ would control the RGB of par 4 (Channels 13,14,15)​


If you do want to use this method I have created a partial fixture file containing the parameters for Par 1 and a separate fixture for Pare 2,3, and 4


Regarding recording over colour fixtures I have a feeling this is possible for the auto generated colours, I am not in front of my desk to check but to be safe I would back up your show, record your pallets then test, if it goes wrong just restore your saved show file.


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Operating them as four separate fixtures is definitely what we would suggest here.


If you are in tracking mode, and "Smart Tag" is disabled (an option within the record window), you should get the option to "merge" as well as overwrite. This would be your best option.



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Thanks for such a quick response and especialy to keredyelesob for creating a Fixture file. Any files I have created in the first few weeks of life with an FLX I will share with the forum/zero88 once I'm sure they all work correctly.

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