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I have on one submaster an effect for a robe 600 spot for a fig 8 move and another sub for a rainbow colour fade. Whilst with another fixture, Pixel Track Pro, I have a red step effect all recorded separately and all works as expected separately. My issue is when trying to build a look from this (its a busking type of show) I lose an effect either on the Spots or the pixel track depending on what I put up last.


Any advice on this or can it not be done?



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Hi Dan -

Sorry for the time taken to reply to this question via the forum.


So it sounds like all the fixtures have been selected at some point before applying an effect to just some of them (Just spokes or Pix Track.)


Please ensure when recording these submasters that you have only selected the lights you want to use and nothing else is in the programmer.


Also can you confirm that you are running version If your not - please download it from - http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/366/156/


Finally - if you still struggle with this then feel free to send me your show file and I can take a deeper look into what has been recorded.




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