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how to connect the Iiyama T1531SR with Solution XL

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i am new here.


We bought the touch screen Iiyama T1531SR to work with new solution XL, but it does not recognized by the console. I just plugged the VGR and USB into the console. i thought it should be plug and play. there is no response on the touch screen. How to get it recognized? is there any setting i should do?


Thanks a lot.

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did you read this topic ?


newer Iiyama T1531SR do definitely not work with Firmware 7.8


you can read also this page (Knowledge-Base)

Zero88 say :


*Please note: We are currently investigating reports that some recent shipments of this model monitor are not working. We believe Iiyama may have changed componets and drivers within the monitor, without changing the model number. We are in talks with Iiyama to try and resolve this as soon as possible. (13/11/2015)

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Thanks ziglight, now i read it. i noticed this before i thought it was irrelavent to my question. As my touch screen never worked. Do you think i should down grade the os to the earlier version? i will try it tomorrow.

this friend of mine with his "newer touchscreen model" downgraded to firmware 7.7 and actually is doing his shows with this Firmware in attempt for new Firmware 7.9 where new drivers for Iiyama touchscreens should resolve the issue...

unfortunately the latest Betaversion of this new Firmware won't work for Solution Desks (only for FLX and Orb)

so I don't have any further informations...

my own touch-screen Iiyama T1731SR (3 years old) still works fine with the latest Firmware 7.8.36

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Thanks ziglight, i just downgraded to firmware 7.7 and get to the calibration screen, you can calibrate the 3 points, after that ask you to do draw test on the screen and there is no more response... i need to deliver this console to our client today.... very sad...i have to tell my client to wait until the new version of firmware which can work with this kind new iiyama monitor

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