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Endless loading and touch screen compatibility

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we just bought a solution xl console for the theater where i work, it's new for my coworker and me, and we have some issues :


- a message appears "loading please wait" but it runs a loooong time. Yesterday, the console runs after instal the last software update (and wait a long time!) but this morning, nothing ... the loading is endless.


- we bought a touch monitor viewsonic TD2420. It isn't in the list of compatible monitors, but can we instal some drivers ? If YES, how ? And if NO, should we buy an other one ?


Thnaks for your help. have a nice day

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Sorry can't help with the load problem. Regards the monitor there is no mechanism to load drivers yourself, they have to be supported by the underlying OS in the software. The compatibility list is not exhaustive it's just the list of monitors that the software developers have tested. If you get it to work, great. If not you could ask Zero88 if it's common enough for them to get working or you need to switch to a supported screen. Good luck!

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The loading might also be endless because the touchscreen isn't compatible...


As ZerOS initialises it will poll connected hardware and expect a "standard" response - your screen isn't sending that response so ZerOS loops waiting for it. If the screen was disconnected - you might find the loading happens a lot quicker.

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