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Tilt on a submaster

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I've got a mambo frog and use it with a selection of moving lights, normally mini mac profiles and martin MX4s - but this is a general question.


Is there a way of assigning a tilt function (with limits ideally) to a submaster so that 100% = tilt all selected fixtures up and 0% = tilt them all down? In other words, rather than using the control wheel for tilting (or any other parameter I guess, but tilting in particular) I could use a fader? It just might make life easier for the sort of things I do in a show. (I'm happy with the other parameters on the wheels!).


Also - and this is more a 'how to organise yourself' question - how on earth are you supposed to keep track of all 9 pages of submasters?! I'm developing my own way of using them but even so I tend not to use more than 2 or 3 of the 9 submaster pages because i run out of places on the desk to put white tape (and hence reminders as to what's on what fader)!


I've seen (but not used) the avolites solution to this with the big roller; I'm not suggesting anything like that but how do others keep track of what's on the faders? :-)


I've just noticed 9.2 is out so I'll have to go and get that - pan/tilt swap and live chase speed adjust would be very useful for me. (I'm also intrigued as to how to access the submaster pages 10-20 when there's only a single digit LED ID for the current page :-)

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There's quite an extensive discussion on controlling LTP parameters with submasters in THIS TOPIC.


You're not the first to suggest a submaster naming feature! See THIS TOPIC.


Worry not about pages 10-20, there is a 2nd 7-segment display there which has been fitted and tested on all Frog series desks since day one. We thought that one day 9 pages might not be enough!

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