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Deleting cue stacks and macros with triggers

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Not sure if this is a bug or just intentional, but;


say you have a chase recorded in cue stack 1 and then your show in cue stack 0, you have some cues in CS0 that trigger and release your chase in CS1. If i then delete my chase in CS1 all of the references for the triggers and releases are left behind, should this not delete all references to CS1?


I can see advantages and disadvantage of leaving references, for instance; an advantage would be if you where deleting the chase to replace with a new one, you may want the triggers to remain in place, however a disadvantage would be if you are deleting the chase in CS1 to replace with a manually operated scene, in this case you would want all triggers to CS1 to be deleted with the stack to avaid accidentally running the scene


In a similar scenario are the macros, however this works on the principle if you delete the macro all reference to that macro are deleted with it. Again i see the same advantages and disadvantage with macros and i do with cue stacks.


Anyhow like i say not sure if its a bug or not, just thought i would ask.

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Not a bug, but definitely something we could improve in the future!


I've added this as a comment to ZOS-6105 which relates to integrating triggered Playbacks with the Playback which triggered them.

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