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Boot error, and port/nvram error

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Hi all.


After a while, its frog issues dealing time again. :(


Today I've came across an issue with ZerOS loading screen, after which I've got linux bash screen instead of initializer, leaving me with some errors with not finding some files, leaving me with "zero88 login#". If I write "root" and press enter, it says Im logged in as root at "ttty" if I remember correctly... any way to debug/solve this?


Another issue that happened a while ago to my collegue that was using the desk was with some ports at initialization not being found, (it took few minutes before timing out all of them) and afterwards being notified that NVRam is not found and battery might be bad. Battery replaced, same issue. and the show file is not saved unless going in and out of setup. Furthermore, all workspaces (pallete windows, etc..) are not loaded at startup, but need to be recalled and resized at each startup. Attaching picture of latest error.


Any idead, guys?




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What software is this running?


And is this a Solution of a Leap Frog? (It's in the Solution forum, but you called it a Frog, so need to check!)

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Its running 7.7.


Yeah, the company has two LeapFrog48 and one Solution while I also own one LF48, so Im just posting everything on here as its more active group I think. Afterall they're the same, right?


As for error, what could be causing this ports to timeout?


Ansd what leads to the booting into linux bash (with youe background set) leaving command line prompting to login?

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