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Amy Worrall

Sirius 24 remote masters board

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Oops - made a boo boo - looking at the wrong part of the board...


I don't think there's a 'board' as such - I've just looked inside one of my spares desks and there seems to be just a PCB mounted 8 pin DIN socket on the mainboard.


A quick look at the schematics shows that the electronics are all on the main board ready - all you might have to do is remove the blanking plug from the back plate and fit a socket.

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Just spoken to Keith and he's sent me the schematic for the board - it's a basic resistor & diode net that could be put together on some "Vero" board if you have someone confident working with that.


The most swearing is going to be at making the termination off on to the Sirius Processor Board though - the molex header you need might be a pain to get hold off. Again, if someone's really confident at soldering - you could solder direct to the pins on the molex.

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