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ML48 Chases

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We've got a Jester ML48 which we mostley use for club nights, I've programmed 2 chases onto 2 submasters, which I want to run at seperates speeds.


submaster one: 14 Stairville 5ch LED par

submaster two: 5 Showtec 3ch LED par


When move the fader for submaster one up, and set the speed, every thing is oke, but when I move the fader for the second submaster up, the chase one submaster one stops.


What am I doing wrong? I've reset the desk, used RGB dimmers fixture instead of the orginal fixtures, but nothing helps


gr Jelle

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Go into "Programming" mode, select the submaster by pressing the flash button under it and press the "Edit" button.


You should now see that chase outputting on your lights.


Press "chase" and change the speed to the speed you require, and press "Edit" again.


Repeat this for the second chase, giving it a different speed.


Go back into "Run" mode, and now try using the two submasters - they should be running at the two separate speeds you require.

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