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How do I

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Dear SIr,


Need help, if an one can ?


My problem is, when ever I store PAR cans from generic dimmers to submasters, this is ok and all submasters are working properly.


But as soon as I store the intelligent light i.e. SGM galileo IV on memory and transfer the same on submaster, it works but at the same time when I put submaster on for PAR cans, the SGM galileo IV gets stuck to one point.


Example : PAR Cans are one submaster fader no. 1 and SGM galileo IV on fader no. 24. when I put fader1 up, its fine and when I put fader 24 SGM works. BUt when I put 24 ist and then PAR fader no. 1 then SGM gets stuck. ( I am not using chase but using flash buttons for the show).


My question how do I programme the scanners on memory so I can use scanners as well as PAR cans together.


I want to use PAR cnas as intelligent lights together on submasters.


Pl. advise.






DInesh Poddar

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You should set up your desk in partial mode (in superuser), and tag the fixtures you want to program. That's your problem, please see the manual on how to set up your desk properly and tagging the correct fixtures; it's all there :)

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