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Slight lag/delay with flash buttons

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Just had technical rehearsals for a "Dance Style" show with our FLX. The previous 4 shows using the FLX have been more "theatrical" and have passed without incident using Playback 0 as a cue stack.


This one relies a great deal of "flashing" submasters/single scene playbacks in time with the music. However, the lights do not respond instantly to the flash button being pressed, which looks very "untidy". This delay is mimicked by the display, which also show a slight delay before the selected channels register at 100% (about 0.5 seconds at a guess)


  • We are running the latest software
  • The lights are LEDs,(so no dimmer lag) but are patched as generics
  • The up/down fade times of all the playbacks are 0secs as are all the other parameters


Does anyone know how to get the response to be instant on/off? Is there a setting I have overlooked? or is it a bug/inbuilt feature?


Thanks very much in anticipation.





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