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How to prepare ORB XF for live concerts

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Hello, can you share your experience and tips how to prepare ORB XF for live concerts? Gear I think is typical, Moving heads spots/washes, LED RGB Pars, RGB STROBES and Pars/Freshnels.

In my case, I have to work with random bands and have not so much time to prepare then they came. So I want to create "universal" settup for different kinds of music.

I have prepared groups, colors, gobos, possitions paletes and etc.. but it's not so comfortable, because I have no touchscreens. (before I had solution desk, it has keys for that).

So what are you programing to Submasters, playbacks? (solution do not have playbacks so it's new to me).

How are you using Moving effects? Maybe is it possible to asing effect propperties (size, speed) to faders?

How should I create chasers which speed I could controll live? Like tap BPM? (in solution I was using chasers on submasters and pressing Step button to controll bpm).

How can I create Playback (I think) - on one fader multipple functions. For example STROBE WHITE activates with fader 1. If I press button it should change to STROBE RED (same fader) and etc.


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