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Posting images and photos in the Frog Forums is allowable as long as there are only a few images per post, the files are compressed, and the images are small enough to load at a reasonable speed for our dial-up users and do not fill a screen several times over.


You will need to have your image stored as a jpg, gif etc on a website.


The maximum size of the image should be 640 x 480 pixels.


You can then link the image into your post by putting "[img}" and "[/img]" around the address of the file


For example: "url]"


Note - There should not be any spaces between the img tags and the address of the file.


You can also use the "Img" button to insert the image tags for you.


If you have a large number of images, or the images themsleves are large, then please use hyperlinks to the URLs of externally-hosted images.

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