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New user (nearly), any tips.

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Hi! fellow purveyors of the lamping art. :idea:

Soon to get a hold of a Bullfrog and a coupla Chilli pro dimmz any day now.

Should have managed to install the gubbins in a couple of weeks.

Oooh! a digital setup at last. The last 27yrs have bin :oops: all analogue strand (STM, JTM & AMC).

Any of you xperts have any hints & tips on the install & operating of the Bullfrog 'n' Chillis?


Ta most glad.


may all your blackouts be plotted :roll:


Geo... :arrow:

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Installation: don't use microphone cable for DMX, make sure you terminate the end of the line, and you'll be fine. If it doesn't work, and even if you're really sure you've done it right, swap over pins 2&3 on the DMX connector, just to see if wiring it *wrong* makes it all start working.


Operation: read the manuals! Crammed full of nuggets of useful information. Also have a good read of these forums!

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Have a good read of the manual- may seem a bit daunting at first but easy once you get started (very addictive reading :lol: ). For some quick pointers look at my Guide a link to which and information is in the sticky topic at the top!.


Here is some random info;


F1= Locks the scree


Hold down and attribute (i.e. colour, beamshape, poss) and you will see all the relevent palettes!


Hold down + and - to enter super user


Opperation is speeded up greatly with a monitor and keyboard.


The Desk has two DMX univereses!


Thats enough to be getting on with, I will post again when blessed with some more time!



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Does anyone have any really useful tips, i mean anything even if its basic becuase im fairly new to the lighting stuff but i know like all the basics e.g. type a memory number and press enter to jump to the memory.


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