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Fat frog problem.

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Hi everyone. New poster here!


I've got a fat frog console which I've had for about 12 years. When it boots up the version date is 2004.


It gets used for about 3 or 4 shows a year, and until now it has never missed a beat.


When I came to use it this week, every time I power it down at night the internal clock seems to stop about 2 hours after the desk is powered down. If I power down at 10pm with the desk set to the right time, when I power it up the following morning, the time shown is about midnight from the night before.


Also whilst plotting the show the desk crashed and showed an error message for the first time ever.


There were about 40 scenes in the cue stack and I was plotting a chase when the crash happened. I power cycled the desk and it rebooted fine and had not lost any of the programming.


It has run fine for the rest of the week but was always a worry that it may crash again mid show, or worse still loose all the info programmed into it.


I'm hoping that one of you knowledgeable chaps may know a simple reason why this is happening!


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Probably the battery. Do you know if this has ever been changed in the 12 years? If not, then you might have an early unit with a Varta cell which needs soldering...






If your FF has black DMX sockets then see:




If it has silver DMX sockets (hence the Varta cell), ring Keith at Zero88.




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Thanks for the reply. The battery has never been replaced as long as I've owned it, so it sounds like I've done very well from it! My desk has the black DMX sockets so hopefully it should be a simple fix.

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