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Jon Hole

Proposal: "Ask the Expert" online chat sessions?

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Hi All,


As we've had such valuable feedback from our previous proposal, here's another!


We're always looking for new ways to support our end users. 2015 saw our highest social media engagement via Facebook, Twitter AND YouTube. This forum was also the most active it has been for several years. We obviously also offer telephone and email support, run several training courses every month, and provide onsite support for events such as the Edinburgh Festival.


So, what else?


One idea is to run occasional live chat sessions, where users could bring questions and ideas into a "chat room" with Zero 88 staff. These would last for an hour or so at a time, and maybe run once a week (for example). It would also be an opportunity for us to ask you questions (just like this proposal and the previous one) so we can discuss them within a live "chat room" environment.


Would this be of interest to you? If so, how often would you realistically want to take part in a session like this? And what times / days would work best for you?

This is just one idea - if you have any others, please let us know!


Many thanks


Jon & the team

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I love the idea, honestly if they were at manageable times for me I'd join each session, even just to see the discussions.


The only thing I'd add would be the live publish of logs of these chats that we can view at a later date.



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I like the idea and I would love to join them, The only thing is getting the time to attend them. on the forum its is handy as you can look and respond during down time, a live chat would need specific time setting a side.


I do like the idea though.

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