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universe question

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Hi all. i have a leapfrog 96 with the latest software installed and have recently tried to use universe 2 to patch some new effects lights. im an amateur so please be kind, can you run two universes at the same time? universe 2 has a cable running to an extra dmx splitter but no matter what i try i cant get any lights to work on it. both universes are enabled in the setup menu and i have green lights on all of the splitter output channels. any help would be appreciated. i tried using an rgb par to test it but still nothing


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From the manual p42 so long as you selected universe 2 when you patched the fixtures then you should be good.


A universe is just another independent set of 512 DMX channels so it's just a patching action on the desk, your LED lights will just have an address in the 1-512 range on their setting.


In the Edit Fixtures screen under the DMX column you should see entries like 2/xxx where xxx is your fixture DMX address, manual p45.


Can you plug your LED PAR straight into the universe 2 socket on the desk just to get it going?



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