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Dimming Movinlights

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I've a probably very easy problem. I want a Movinglight assigned to a MFK and to a Preset Fader at the same time, so I can control the Intensity via the Fader.



Is it possible to do this?



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Not directly. I would assign it to a fixture mfk and then record the intencity only (smart tag off and only tag the intencity parameter) to a submaster. If you realy want it on a preset rather than a sub you can do the above and set the sub to be page locked in the sub settings then get a short dmx lead and plug it into one of the dmx outputs and to the dmx input on the back of the desk. Go into settings and select inputs and assign the preset fader channel (dmx value) to control the sub you have just recorded. Dont forget to set the output socket you have used to ouput univers one. Let me know if you need more info if i haven't explaind things to well.

Is there a reason you want it patched to both a preset fader and an mfk. You can just patch it to a fader and ignore the mfk.

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You can't have it on both, but you can match ANY fixture onto the 48 (or 96) channel faders, not just dimmers. You do this during the patch wizard - when it asks you to select location, press the channel buttons rather than the MFKs.


The fader works as the intensity. To select the fixture, you press SHIFT and the channel button together, which then allows you to control it's other parameters in the normal way.


If you press SPECIAL, there's a button that says "Flash Mode Flash". Pressing this allows you to choose a different action. One of the options is "Off / Select". This means you don't need to hold down SHIFT when selecting the fixtures (just like FLX), but you loose the flash functionality.

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