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If have a Orb with Latest software.

I put the dish fader mode into channel mode.

open channel 1 true 10, press record sub 10.

Now sub 10 is recorded but no Intensity of channel 1 true 10 is recorded.

I have tried all different options but no result except snapshot but then the risk that al moving head go to there home position if i open this submaster.

I hope i should be able to record just the intensity of channel 1 true 10 ??? Right ??


Records Vincent

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Hi Vincent,


I think it's probably getting confusing because you're using the faders as both channel faders and submasters. It's not a problem, we just need to make sure you're doing the right process:


Just to confirm, are you doing exactly the following:


1) Press "Fader Function", choose "Channels", choose "1-60"

2) Push up the first 10 faders

3) Press "Record Sub 1 Enter"

4) Pull down the first 10 faders

5) Press "CLEAR" twice

6) Press "Fader Function", choose "Submasters"

7) Push up the first fader - you should see Channels 1 - 10 come on to full

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