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I was wondering where I'm going wrong! Thanks to forum members help I loaded on a profile for the Chauvet COLORPiX battens and have had them working great. But only in 4 channel mode due to not being very familiar with the desk!


Now I've decided to try and push myself a bit further I've changed their settings to 36Ch mode but can't figure out how to make them work properly! For instance, changing a color only changes the first lamp in each.. What am I missing/doing wrong?


I'm not very familiar with modern memory desks etc and am trying to pick it up so any pointers would be very welcome! I have a pantomime on soon and was hoping to replace the aging Patten 137 battens with the new LEDs.. IF I can figure out how to set the colours properly!


Many thanks in advance. :-)

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Isn't that the point of 36 channel mode that you have individual control of all elements in the fixture? If you press the desk Colour button don't you cycle through the RGB for each element? Hopefully the fixture definition has an overall master dimmer. If you select the fixture and press Home, do all elements come on RGB?



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For the 36 channel mode, we'd suggest patching this has 12 x "RGB Dimmers". This profile is available within "Standard Fixtures" (the top option when the Patch Wizard shows you the list of manufactures).


Use the same DMX start address, but put a quantity of 12, and the console will patch them correctly. You will then have 12 fixtures on the console - one to control each cell of the batten (so you're treating each bar as if it's 12 separate fixtures rather than just 1 unit).


Hope this makes sense?

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