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HELP - Creating New Fixture Profile for Fat Frog

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Hello and Good Morning from Canada


I received 2 used YISCOR CREE 12LED RGBW LED Moving Heads. I was not able to find a similar match to that fixture with the new version 30 of the fixture profiles I downloaded the other day.


I tried to create one based on the DMX Values chart provided on line but does not seem to work when I load it into my Fat Frog console. Below are the DMX values listed....


Channel DMX Value Function
--------- ------------ ---------
1 000-255 X 0-540°
2 000-255 Y 0-180°
3 000-255 X Fine 0-1.8°
4 000-255 Y Fine 0-1.8°
5 000-255 Dimmer (0-100%)
6 000-255 Strobe (0-100%)
7 000-255 Red (0-100%)
8 000-255 Green (0-100%)
9 000-255 Blue (0-100%)
10 000-255 White (0-100%)
11 000-255 Mixed Colour Change
12 000-011 No Effect
011-120 Jump Change
121-180 Gradual Change
181-244 Mixed Colour Effect
245-255 Sound Active
13 000-255 Adjust CH12 effect speed fast to slow
14 000-255 Pan/Tilt Speed adjust fast to slow
15 245-255 Reset
More info and fixture can be seen at the following address:
Any help creating this profile would be awesome.
Thank You in advance for your .time.
Rejean Frenette
Toronto, Canada

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Hi Rejean,


The one main thing you didn't do was allocate wheels for each parameter. Under the "3 Wheel Group" tab, you need to allocate each parameter to a wheel. So e.g for Colour, right click and "Add Wheel Group", then allocate each of your colour parameters to a wheel. For this fixture you need more than one colour group for example, as there are 5 colour parameters over 3 wheels. On the desk, multiple presses of Colour give successive pages of colour parameters. Same for beamshape.


Also you separated the fine/coarse pan and tilt to two separate channels. Might be preferable to you. In my fixture, I made pan one 16 bit channel. Same for tilt. You'll have to see how you go with these.


Other than that, other than setting the defaults (I'm used to how Zero88 usually want them), you're about there.


Good luck!



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