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Annoying habit of Enter triggering cue number field edit

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I know this was covered in a topic, but blowed if I can find it. [ETA: See the bottom of this post: http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7172-more-questions-issues/#entry28049]


1 AND 2 AND 3 ENTER is fine, ch 1,2,3 are selected.

1 AND GROUP 1 ENTER starts to edit the cue number field. Grrr.

GROUP 1 AND 1 ENTER is fine.

GROUP 1 AND GROUP 2 ENTER starts to edit to cue number field. Grrr.

(1) Please sort out a better way of triggering cue number edit, as it getting mixed up with syntax termination is naff and really annoying! But I sympathise as there doesn't seem to be an easy answer with ENTER being used to trigger field edit...
(2) How to select multiple groups with syntax (with touch screen is ok). We know selection order is significant for effects...


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Probably a stupid question, but does "GROUP 1 AND 2 ENTER" Select Group 1 and Group 2 or Group 1 and Fixture 2?





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GROUP 1 AND 2 ENTER = Group 1 and fixture 2.


GROUP 1 AND GROUP 2 ENTER = Group 1 AND Group2.


This syntax extends ad-nauseum:


GROUP 1 AND 3 EXCEPT 5 THRU 7 ENTER = Group 1 fixtures plus fixture 3 but not fixtures 5, 6 or 7 (which would only be relevant if they were in Group 1!)


etc etc

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