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Colour scroller no longer responds to palettes on 7.8.5

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On 7.8.5 my colour scrollers no longer respond to any 'auto' palette. With 7.8.4, I could hit a red auto colour palette and my LEDs and CQ1D scrollers would go red. With 7.8.5 only the LEDs are going red, the scroller stays at eg Scroll=Yellow.

Same setup as posted in another topic, just reloaded the showfile after updating the desk from 7.8.4 to 7.8.5 tonight. The showfile brought in my own fixture definitions for eg lamp+CQ1D as I had for 7.8.4.

My scroller fixture profile includes colour detail (names and RGB).

Ideas? Me?


This is the showfile from the other topic:



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I tried re patching the fixture but it didn't help.


I don't have a 7.8.4 image I can revert too to try back on that version (desk came with 7.8.4 on it). I realise you want customers to always move forward with software releases, but keeping at least the previous version available on the software download page would be useful for situations like these or when the new version actually has bugs that can't be tolerated for an upcoming show.




Further: I created some user colour palettes for the scroller (I was paying attention on the new videos :). I select the fixture and dial up 'Red' on the encoder, RECORD COLOUR hit 33. However the output window shows C33: Colour 33:Clear even though the encoder label says Scroll (C33) Red. The output window says the colour is 'Clear' regardless of what colour is programmed. The encoder label is consistent with the scroller gel and the user palette does move the scroller to the correct gel frame.

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Hi Jon.


False alarm. Seems I have to press the middle button of the encoder wheel ("Scroll") to get the colour palettes for the scroller. Must have done this before but don't recall it! I have LEDs and scroller a patched. The palettes for the LEDs are always shown by default even if I only select the scroller. I.e. To get the scroller palettes I have to press the encoder button even if the scroller is the only thing selected.


Anyway, works the same on 7.8.4 and 7.8.5, so thanks for the code image to check.


Previous comment on possible display bug still apply.



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Pressing the middle button shows all the options within that parameter, but for some reason they aren't being created as palettes. We'll be going over to a new fixture library soon, so all of this code will be reviewed then anyway!

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