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Chilli 24-10i

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All of it?


Chilli is an install (rather than a portable) dimmer product.


First line means you can hard wire the DMX connection wires to internal terminal blocks rather than via an XLR5 plug. The DMX address is set via the front panel regardless of how you connect DMX.


Second line means the Chilli includes a DMX termination capability for use if it's the last DMX device in the DMX chain, and you set this by some internal switch mechanism.


DMX 512-1990 is the specification for the DMX protocol used to talk between the lighting desk and the dimmer.


Enough? (I'm slightly confused as your intro post says 'highly skilled in lighting systems', so maybe there's more to your question?)


Hope that helps anyway.



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Hi James,


Kevin's explained pretty much everything. I've gone through your post and added links that will take you to more information about each thing (I've possibly gone overboard with the links...!)



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