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Amy Worrall

Possible to upgrade Sirius 24 to Sirius 48?

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Is it possible to perform such an upgrade? That is, acquire another main board, a bunch of faders, and then connect them up to the Sirius 24's main board and DMX card in order to give it the capability to drive 48 channels?



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I'm not sure really why you would?


One of the processor cards would need to be stripped down - the second card is only part populated. By the time you've made metalwork for the extra faders, sourced the faders, mounted them and done the necessary electronics - you'll have spent the equivalent in money to buying either a Jester or another lighting desk.


If you need manual control over more channels - then buying a Fat Frog or a Leap Frog off eBay would be better (Leap Frog for preference - their newer internally) or getting a dealer to quote you for a Jester (or even FLX) would be a far better way to go. I would also be careful if you decide to buy a second hand Sirius these days unless the person you're buying from is the original owner - when they decide to age, they don't age gracefully :(


Don't get me wrong - I'm a big fan of vintage Zero88 kit (as I'm sure many here will testify) but "upgrading" a Sirius 24 to 48 - no, sorry it's really not worth it.

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