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Associating scroller-fixture-with-colour-detail with lamp channel for move-on-dark

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I've created a scroller fixture that includes the details of the colours versus DMX addresses (mid/endpoint). This allows me to use the colour auto-palettes for the scroller.


However I don't seem to be able to associate the scroller (as a separate fixture with it's own profile) with the associated dimmer channel for the lamp, so move-on-dark can be supported.


Can I associate my scroller fixture with it's associated lamp/dimmer channel, or do I need to create a custom multi-part "Lamp + Scroller-with-colour-detail" fixture?


Maybe there is a "better" way to be able to exploit the auto-palettes with a gel-based scroller on FLX?


For completeness, my fixture definition is attached (Chroma-Q CQ1D).





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As a follow-up I built a multi-part Lamp+CQ1D and it works as expected.


Still interested though if you can associate lamp plus scroller when they are separate fixtures - but that's not an enhancement request if not!

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It's only possible to assign these units in the fixture profile itself, not once they are patched as separate fixtures on the console

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