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Solution doesn't find my USB-stick

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I recently bought a Solution desk. It worked fine for a while but now there's a problem. I can't no longer get the USB stick to work. The keyboard and mouse works just fine but neither the Zero88 USB stick or a Sandisk memory work at all any longer..


Somebody got any clue?



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Hi marfun,


Are you trying to save your show, or update the software?


Have you tried using all of the USB ports on the console, or just one?


If there's an LED on the USB stick, does it light up?


Does the USB stick work correctly when you plug it into a computer? If so, what sort of computer are you using? (Windows, Mac etc)





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Four good questions that I failed to answer at the beginning.. ;)


I want to add a new fixture and save the show.. I've tried all Three ports, both sticks worked with the computer at the beginning, now the zero88 stick does not work at all but the Sandisk works with both mac and windows but no, no LED light on either of them when i put them in the Solution.

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