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FLX crash

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I was using my FLX last night for a couple fixture control, the customer came up to me during the event and asked for me to change something, so I went back into the channels not playback option and the console crashed and came up with a error message so I restarted the console it had a 5 mins with the saved playbacks then started working ok, I didn't get chance to save the crash report as was trying to get lights back on, I also had trouble with my chase creating, even tho they were set to cross fade the colour changes they were snapping. Any ideas

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Hi Luke,


Sry I can´t help you with the crash issue.


Regarding your chase "problem" do as follows.


Programm your chase as you like. If you have finished the needed chase steps push and hold "setup" plus dedicated chase playback button. Now the Playback Option window popps in. Here you may select the Crossfade for the general Chase behaviour.

The line below allows you to select the fading percentage for each attribute group (Colour, Beam etc.) set the colour fade to 100% and your colour will fade from step to step.

This might not work on spots with colour wheels! Some spots do not support a fade and work with colour index mode only.

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