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Intensity useing preset fader not wheel

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you can.


when you are patching in a fixture the desk asks for a destination, at this point you would normally choose an MFK location, all you need to do is select a preset location, you will however need to un-patch the default dimmers from the preset faders first.




by default the desk patches in 48 dimmers to the preset faders 1-1, un-patch some of the dimmers, go into 'setup' then 'edit fixtures' select the presents faders you want to un-patch by clicking the flash buttons (you will see the dimmers appear in the list onscreen) select 'delete' and 'ok' you have now removed the dimmers and freed up the faders.


now you are free to patch in your new fixtures, follow the patch wizard as normal but when you get to 'select a destination' for the fixture use the flash buttons of the preset faders you have just freed up.


job done.


Note you will still need to select the fixtures to access the parameters, to do this hold down 'shift' and then press the flash button of the preset fader (fixture).


this basically works the same as patching to the fixture MFKs but you can control the intensity parameter of the fixture with the fader.

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Exactly right. When you press "Special", on the Multi Functional Keys there's an option to change how the flash buttons under the channel faders work, so they can be selection buttons by default, instead of flash buttons.

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